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You Are Not Alone (YANA) Self-Help Group

Action runs YANA self help groups fortnightly for women only and monthly for men only (frequency is reduced in school holidays). These groups are for customers accepted into the outreach service, customers receiving support, as well as ex-customers. The aim of the group is to encourage engagement with services and provide longer term informal support after the formal support has ended.

The groups include peer support, and speakers are also invited to attend the groups on a range of domestic abuse related issues. We have also invited the Fire Brigade, educational and training services, and facilitated arts and craft sessions. The groups are also supported by volunteers.

Customers are offered reimbursement of public transport costs.

Read below what three of our previous YANA group members had to say…

YANA stories…

“I originally came to the service during the time the father of my child was verbally, mentally, physically, financially and sexually abusive towards me. I had a support worker from the service who referred me to YANA. Since I’ve joined, I’ve felt very supported and I really enjoy the sessions, and the people who run the group, and the customers are very supportive and friendly. The group is flexible to suit the user’s needs, like time and place, trips out and the different activities we do. I feel like I can share problems comfortably with people who understand the difficulties and as a result I feel less isolated and heard.”

“It is something different to do when overwhelmed by life and all its ups and downs. A unique chance for women facing various life challenges to interact with a group of supportive women. It includes anything from a casual group chat, day out and individual after class support. I find it interesting and something positive to do when you haven’t a clue what to do when life is tough. So join in and explore life with a group of enthusiastic, supportive and interactive women.”

“I got referred to the service about 2009 after leaving my ex partner with my son. I had a very lovely person helping myself through what I had gone through with my ex. With the group YANA meeting every two weeks,  it’s getting me out of the flat, meeting new friends and going places i.e. days out.  The service provides people who are there to listen and point you in the right way. It builds you back up into a new you. I know I can’t be as I was before I met my ex, but I can be me as I want to be.”