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Platform for life

Please read below a summary of the platform for life scheme

Platform for Life

Platform for Life funding is aimed at providing shared accommodation to be let at an Affordable Rent for young people aged 18 to 24 who are homeless or at risk of homelessness and are in housing need. Tenancies should be time limited and linked to participation in work, further education or vocational training, with the aim of assisting residents into long term employment and independence, and thereby improving their prospects for a successful and healthy life.

As with the Homelessness Change element of the funding programme, it is expected that refurbishment of existing facilities will form a large proportion of the proposed schemes, although the funding is not restricted to refurbishment schemes only.

Examples of properties that may be suitable for converting to Platform for Life provision are sheltered accommodation, NHS estates, family hostels or commercial property, in addition to existing houses of multiple occupancy currently in the private sector.

The intention is that this accommodation will fill a gap for young people who do not need supported housing, but who do not have access to suitable accommodation with their families and cannot access accommodation in the market. It is intended for young people who are currently working, doing apprenticeships or studying (excluding higher education), but where this is under threat because of their homelessness or insecure housing situation, or for those who would be able to work or study if they had accommodation. It may also be suitable for young people moving on from supported accommodation as a bridge to full independence.

Homelessness Change

This type of accommodation is part of the Government’s Youth Homelessness Pathway as set out in the Homelessness Ministerial Working Group report Making Every Contact Count3, and also responds to the concerns of young people expressed through the Youth Homelessness Parliament.

The intention is to allow young people to benefit from a positive peer environment, where they can establish the habit of regular work or study and learn the skills to live independently. We would expect tenancies to be time limited, and for tenants to move on after a period of around 2 years, for example to shared accommodation in the private rented sector.

By combatting homelessness and unemployment among young people aged 18 to 24, we expect to have a significant health impact, as well as achieving long term savings to the public purse.


For further details around platform for life, please visit the following webpage:

Platform for life