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Action Domestic Abuse Service (ADAS) – Sheffield

What we do


If you are experiencing domestic abuse or the effects of abuse you can call the Helpline where they can listen to you, help you make sense of your situation and put you in touch with the right service. Or you can email them and let them know how and when it’s safe to get in touch with you. The Helpline is currently open 8am-6pm Monday-Friday except Bank Holidays.

The helpline is also the point of contact for professionals to contact the specialist team for advice and support on cases they may need support on or for more advice and guidance on this area of support.

We want to expand our opening hours with an ambition to deliver a 24/7 helpline service, to do this we need volunteers to help run the line. If you are interested in supporting our helpline team or any of our domestic abuse projects and would like to volunteer for us please contact our volunteer coordinator Scott on 01709 821251 or e-mail volunteer@actionorg.uk for more details.


This citywide outreach service works with men and women who are experiencing domestic abuse, when they are still in an abusive relationship, attempting to leave or have already left. We provides a flexible, professional and responsive support service in a range of community settings.

Power to Change Group Work Programme

Power to Change is an educational self-help group for anyone coming out of an abusive relationship focusing on changing patterns of learned behaviour. It can also be appropriate for people still with the abusers. Sessions take place across the year in a number of formats to suit service user need i.e.: times and days set, twilight sessions, female only groups and male only groups

We provide

Helpline & Outreach

  • A wide range of practical and emotional support and advocacy to wherever you live in the city
  • Telephone support, home visits, one-to-one, drop-ins and group support work and planning with you the support you need
  • Safety planning, needs and risk assessment
  • Work with other agencies to help increase your safety and your children’s
  • Advice about civil and criminal legal options
  • Signposting service for referrals to other specialist agencies; BME services, mental health, drugs and alcohol, counselling, housing, advice centres and legal services.
  • Support to stay safely in your own home if that is your choice e.g. help with home security

Power to Change Group Work Programme

The courses provide learning on:

  • To change patterns of behaviour learned within abusive relationships
  • To raise awareness of basic rights
  • To build self-esteem, self-determination and empowerment

How to apply

Helpline & Outreach

To apply to this service please complete a referral form linked below

Power to Change Group Work Programme

If you are interested in taking part in this group, or want to find out more, please contact our support team on 0114 270 6999.



The helpline is an independent voluntary sector managed helpline based for location purposes in Snig Hill Police Station, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S3 8LY

Tel: 0808 808 2241

Email: help@sheffielddact.org.uk


Blenheim House, 22 Wilkinson Street, Sheffield, S10 2GB

Tel: 0114 270 6999

Power to Change Group Work Programme

Power to change is delivered from various locations across the city. The planned dates, times and venues currently being agreed, further details will be published shortly.

Tel: 0114 270 6999

Complete a referral form today

Funded by: Sheffield City Council

Partner agencies


Women’s Aid


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