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Sustainable tenancy project

What we do

We provide enhanced housing management services, which are designed to keep you in your home by preventing evictions, reducing anti social behaviour and effective rent management. This is known as ‘Intensive Housing Management’.

We provide

  • Benefits and tenancy management
  • Sign posting to budgeting and debt advice
  • Sign posting to employment services
  • Signposting to support services including those around health, substance misuse and mental health
  • Sign posting to volunteering, education and employment

Is it the service for me?

This could be the service for you if you are male or female, between the ages of 18 and 35 and you meet the criteria for being housed by Chesterfield Borough Council but are unable to access their waiting list due to arrears or lack of tenancy history. You cannot access this project if you have had action taken against you for anti-social behaviour.

How to apply

You can only be referred by Chesterfield Borough Council, who can be contacted on 01246 345345.

Referrals will be accepted via the telephone and are in confidence. We act in accordance with the Data Protection Act. Information can be translated upon request.

Tel: 01709 821 251

Complete a referral form today: STP&PFL-Referral Form

Funded by: Chesterfield Borough Council