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The History of Action

Action was established in 1981, with a mission to provide accommodation for offenders. We operated solely in Sheffield and Rotherham, where we still have our head office today. In 2002, we expanded significantly, both in terms of geography and clients groups. We began working with people with substance misuse and mental ill health or who were experiencing homelessness.

Growth continued, with expansion into Young Peoples Services in 2008, and Domestic Abuse Services in 2012.

Over the years, we acquired a substantial stock of supported housing. We became a Registered Provider of Social Housing in 2011, which fuelled our ambitions to grow our housing stock and to expand into general needs housing. This coincided with the first iteration of HOPE – a project designed to tackle homelessness, neighbourhood decay and unemployment in Rotherham. Housing development is now central to our work and our growth strategy.

It became increasingly apparent that HOPE is the core of what we do, and in 2015 we decided to adopt it as our mission and guiding principle.


Our vision is simple:

  • For the people we work with to achieve extraordinary things.

You may be asking yourself, what we mean by extraordinary? Please read our case studies, located here to understand the journeys our clients go on during their time at Action and you will see how with support and guidance from our employees, everyday people really are able to achieve extraordinary things that impact on the rest of their lives.


Here at Action we believe in HOPE





Through building HOPE we believe people are able to change their lives forever. This underpins everything we do and who we are as an organisation. For this reason, in 2015, this became our company mission.


We believe that by giving respect to our clients, they are able to take action, to make the changes in their lives to live a happy, healthy, independent life.